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First, scroll down to check out our various design options. Then, click "Place Order" once you decide the t-shirt you'd like to purchase. You'll be taken to a Google Form that we set up asking for your information. We manually process orders as they come.

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We started this t-shirt company a few months back after seeing endless "thisxdoesnotexist" sites pop up on Product Hunt and decided to have a stab at making an AI-generated company for ourselves, but with real products.

The t-shirts feature doodles that were completely generated by AI algorithms using data from millions of drawings submitted to Google Creative Lab's Quick, Draw! The dataset can be used for anything, from helping researchers see patterns in how people around the world draw, to inspiring artists to create things we haven’t ever thought of before... such as t-shirts :)

Why New York? First, the (real) humans behind this project all live in New York. Second, there were over 15 million people from around the world that contributed to the doodle dataset, which we think is a perfect homage to the international melting pot that is New York City.

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β€” Tyler, Sarah, Paul

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